More Arguments Against Gun Control That Need to Be Retired

What about the police? They should have guns!

Yes. Yes they should.

Who said they shouldn’t? We know they should. What’s your point?

Even in most of the UK, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, has a special armed police unit in case of emergencies. They don’t take long to arrive, either.

Gun control doesn’t mean taking away guns from the people charged with protecting us. Everyone knows that

There’s a difference between “gun control” and a “no guns for anyone in the entire world.”

Using this argument is, to coin a phrase, grasping at straws to make a strawman.

Violent video games influence this kind of behavior!

No they don’t, and everyone knows it. Need proof? Ask someone who plays video games.

Here’s what Call of Duty taught me about using a gun: when you need to reload, be sure to yell “CHANGING MAG!” I have gained no actual knowledge as to how to hold, carry, load, or in some cases fire a weapon used in that game. Even if I did, gun use in Call of Duty and similar games is almost strictly military – a perfectly appropriate place to find gun violence.

Yes, video games increase aggression, but only towards the game. I’ve can’t say I’ve ever heard of anybody shot up a shopping mall because they got frustrated at a final boss level.

Video games are a means of escape, venting frustration, and relaxation. Not training. No military or shooting range in the world would tell people to learn how to use a gun by giving them Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

There’s a drastic difference between a controller – even a Duck Hunt gun – and a firearm.

If you need more proof, here’s a review of research put out on violent video games that shows a strong disconnect between what people against violent media report and what is actually known.

The President and his family are protected by automatic weapons, but he won’t let your family use semi-automatics? Hypocrisy!

Presidents have a history of people trying to assassinate them. Often through conspiracy.

When is the last time you, anyone in your family, or anyone you know had someone legitimately plan to kill you and/or them?

I assure you that, whatever you do, you are far less susceptible to death threats and assassination attempts. Even among the mentally unstable, a paranoid individual is much more likely to think that someone he sees on the TV is telepathically stealing his thoughts than, oh say, you.

With all due respect, your job is a little less important than his.

More cars kill people on a daily basis than guns!

Here we go with the damn car comparison again.

While this is (in all likelihood) statistically true, more cars are active on a daily basis than guns.

If you want to keep making comparisons like this, buy a gun and ride it to work. That, or buy a new hundred round magazine and a silencer for your car. (James Bond’s Aston Martin doesn’t count here.)

We can’t go around regulating everything that might hurt someone!

Consider pill bottles for a moment.

Pills can be dangerous, especially to children. This is known.

Do you know how this was treated?

By making child-proof caps.

Sure, children can still get hurt by misusing pills. It’s just harder for them to do now.

Some pills can only be gotten with a prescription – a doctor’s permission.

Consider that for a bit and get back to me.

Arguments Against Gun Control That Need to Be Retired

(Prescript: This is about more than just the Sandy Hook shooting, but there will be a fair number of examples used related to it.)

It’s a daunting enough task getting a gun!

To be fair, this is a point that applies differently to each state.

This doesn’t change the fact that getting guns in America is so easy that Mexican drug cartels come to America to get their weapons.

Connecticut may have some of the strongest gun laws in the nation, but that doesn’t change the fact that a woman with a (possibly) mentally ill son was able to have multiple assault weapons in her house in easy-to-access locations. It also doesn’t help that she was allowed to bring her (allegedly) known-to-be unstable son to the shooting range and use the guns. I’ve actually shot a gun before, and I can vouch for it not being the easiest thing in the world.

All this aside, I’m going to use that car metaphor of which they are so fond. Are these people aware how much work goes into getting a car? I’m not just talking about finding a good car. I’m talking about getting the registration, the insurance, having your credit checked, in some cases getting loan paperwork, etc. Let’s not forget that you need a licence to operate a motor vehicle before you can even think about getting any of this.

Also, the inconvenience of waiting for background checks to be completed doesn’t compare to the circle of hell that is the DMV.

Speaking of cars…

Cars are more dangerous than guns!

Cars aren’t created for the specific purpose of protection.

To appropriate one of gun user’s favorite sayings: Cars don’t kill people. Bad drivers kill people.

Speaking of gun-related slogans…

Guns don’t kill people!

No, but blood loss from holes in vital organs caused by bullets that were shot at high speeds kills people. Where do bullets flying at high speeds come again?

Speaking of killing things…

Guns have more uses than just killing things!

Yes, some people do target shoot, a (for-the-most-part) victimless hobby.

Others use guns for hunting – which is, in essence, killing things.

Others use them for self-defense – the purpose of which is to either injure or kill the person attacking.

So, yes, they are used for things other than killing… for one third of their most common uses.

Crazy people will still find things to kill people with!

First off, Mr. Strawman, know that you used improper grammar. Do not end a sentence with a preposition.

Second, this is true… but it’s much easier to kill with a gun than it is with, oh say, anything else.

Some of you might have noticed that on the same day as the Newtown shooting a man in China went on a stabbing spree at an elementary school. Twenty-two children and one woman were stabbed. Nobody could have predicted this, and it is a tragic event for sure.

Yet… there were no fatalities, and the man was disarmed and restrained before he could do any serious damage.

I hate to play the ‘what if’ card in this situation, but if Adam Lanza came into school with a knife, the odds of his spree having such a high death toll are microscopic.

If someone attacks with a knife, he/she is not that hard to disarm. If some is attacking with automatic weapons, good luck overpowering him/her past the continuous flurry of bullets.

Speaking of killing people without using guns…

It’s a slippery slope to outlawing _________ (fill in the blank)

No. No it is not.

Just because people kill using their hands doesn’t mean that people are going to outlaw hands.

Honestly, has the slippery slope argument ever led to something important going down a slippery slope?

Finally, one of my personal favorites:

Even if you outlaw guns, that won’t stop people from getting them!

I’m not the one who came up with his response, but I find it to be damn true: Isn’t that like saying that if abortions are outlawed that no one will ever have an abortion of any kind again?

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.